Euro Foods is one of the most important players in the Russia and CIS snack food market.

The main branches of the company’s activity are the production and sale of products under the “Happy Corn” (popcorn), “Sirkach” (smoked cheeses), “Bread and Salt” (bread snacks), and “Happy Nachos” (corn chips) brands.

Over more than ten years of successful development, we have acquired and maintained a base of repeat customers who appreciate the guaranteed high quality of our familiar products.

We choose our suppliers carefully, from modern equipment to the very best and freshest natural raw ingredients. Thanks to this, our products always maintain their flavor, natural aroma, and nutrition value.

Thanks to the high level of quality in our products, unparalleled service, and long, close relationships with our partners, we have been able to provide a wide distribution network for our products in all regions of Russia and the CIS.


To inspire a culture of consuming healthy snacks in Russia and around the world.


To provide our vast country’s population with high-quality, affordable snack foods.